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product name:

SD08YE / SD08YS full hydraulic bulldozer

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  • product name: SD08YE / SD08YS full hydraulic bulldozer
    Listing date:2017-05-04
    product type:

    Use weight (excluding ripper): 8.02t 8.44t

    Net power / rated speed: 59/2200 kW / rpm

    Blade capacity: 1.93m3 2.04m3


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  • Product parameters
  • Applicable scope
  • Description
  • product description
  • Parameter configuration

    Length × width × height (mm) (excluding ripper)

    4252×2680×2775(With traction frame)

    4252×3150×2775(With traction frame)

    Use weight (t) (without ripper)

    8.02 8.44

    Grounding pressure (Mpa)

    0.04 0.03

    Blade type

    Universal shovel

    Blade capacity (m3)

    1.93 2.04


    Use weight (excluding ripper): 8.02t 8.44t

    Net power / rated speed: 59/2200 kW / rpm

    Blade capacity: 1.93m3 2.04m3



    Turbocharged, air-cooled, electronically controlled diesel engines, emissions comply with EPA Tier 3 / StageIIIA emission standards, with excellent power, economy and durability.

    Integrated radiator with high heat exchange efficiency, thin core thickness to improve fan ventilation efficiency, reduce wind resistance, to ensure the normal operation of the machine in high temperature environment.

    Double-loop electric control static pressure drive system, automatically adjust the power output and speed to adapt to load changes; both sides of the track drive independently to ensure that the full power output when turning, can achieve both sides of the track reverse rotation; with complete " Features, providing the best speed for different working conditions.



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