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711-7 pipe without bottom beam long trailer

product name: 711-7 pipe without bottom beam long trailer
Listing date:2017-05-10
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       (1) the unique overall bearing structure design, semi-trailer preparation quality lighter, more bottle volume, 25.6m³ effective volume for the largest domestic.

      (2) Compared with the existing "711 three-axis model", the vehicle length is short and the radius is small, the departure angle is large, the passing performance is good and the driving stability is high.

      (3) high-strength multi-rod structure, enhance the vertical structure of the stiffness, the overall reliability is higher than the original model.

      (4) the use of new frame structure, site maintenance and replacement costs lower.

      (5) seven pipe than the average eight tube car transport volume increased by 50%, seven pipe running two times the amount of traffic = ordinary eight pipe run three times the traffic.

      (6) the use of advanced design concepts, the use of a variety of design, analysis tools to achieve vehicle weight and design reliability of the perfect unity.

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