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Ultra-narrow aluminum alloy LED line lights

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  • product name: Ultra-narrow aluminum alloy LED line lights
    Listing date:2017-05-04
    product type:

    Built-in secondary package 55X35 square point light source



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  • Product Type: YD-CZXT-35

    Production process: secondary packaging

    Housing weather: 10 years

    Product Size: 1000 * 46 * 40.6 (mm)

    Electrical rating: Class III

    Rated voltage: 24V

    Light angle: 110 °

    Protection class: IP68

    Rated power: 21.6W

    Working temperature: -20 ℃ -55 ℃

    Flammability rating: V-0 level

    Product weight: ± 980.5 g / set

    Light source life: 50,000 hours

    Anti-UV rating: 4 level

    Control mode: serial shift



    Built-in secondary package 55X35 square point light source



    Lamps with a new appearance, small size, high brightness advantages, the use of fixed fixture into the structure, to facilitate customer installation. Lamps Aluminum alloy shell with H-type structure, easy to install the field wiring, the use of 6 points point light source, can be used as a screen module unit, a small and beautiful LED line lights, daytime effect is particularly ideal. Can be RGB color, for a large curtain wall display; can also be used for building outline, public places lighting fixtures.


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    Built-in secondary package 55X35 square point light source
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